Antiek Centrum Zevenbergen


After 33 years will close our shop. It may take a while as we still have a large inventory, but we´ll be taking our time. So, if you saw something in our store you felt was a little bit over budget, now is the time to buy. It´s at least 50% off all items, but even 70% of everything on the top floor.

Opening hours:
We're not quite sure how to handle opening hours yet. For now we'll be open on friday, saturday and sunday from 12:00-17:00 or by appointment for dealers. We might change to be open on sunday by appointment as well, but that will be announced here beforehand.

charge point electric car

We have installed a charging point for electric cars. This is a level 2, mode 3 charging point.
This means that all electric cars that use a  "Mennekes" plug can use this charge point. It is free to use, but only during opening hours. Call for availability.  

Over the last 30 years Antiques Centre Zevenbergen has grown to be established name in the Dutch antiques market. We are the largest antiques retailer in the 
Netherlands, but also sell to antiques dealers all over the world. Our inventory adds up to more than 10'000 pieces, so we have something for almost 
Whether your house is entirely decorated with antiques or you successfully combine design and antiques, we pride ourselves in carrying an as wide a range of antique furniture and decorations as possible to meet the needs and wants of our clients. 

On our website we can only show you a small part of our inventory. We try and keep it as current as possible, but don't hesitate to contact us to check if an item is still in our store.
We hope that our website inspires you to visit our store. You are welcome!

Our Address

Schansdijk 26
4761 RH Zevenbergen

Phone 0168 329 705